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Best Home Siding in Wichita KS

best siding contractors in Wichita KS

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With 30 years experience and an A+ rating from the BBB, TWG Construction is the best roofing and siding contractor in Wichita KS.

Whether you need to replace home siding or repair hail damaged or worn siding, our home siding pros have the skill and expertise to tackle any home siding project.

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Home Siding Options

Choose from a wide array of home siding options - fiber siding cement options, vinyl siding options, vinyl siding trim options and many more. We even have foam insulation options.

LP SmartSide

Smartside siding installation is very popular. Smartside is uniquely engineered to resist snow, sleet, ice, heat and termites. LP SmartSide colors and siding products also offer design flexibility to achieve the look you want. Our local siding contractors have installed LP SmartSide products for years.

LP SmartSide siding

Vinyl Siding

Other popular siding options include vinyl siding. There are many types of vinyl siding, but all vinyl siding is durable, weather and pest resistant. If you want maintenance-free siding that looks fantastic, vinyl siding options may be your best choice. Foam insulation options are also available which can increase your energy efficiency.

Fiber Cement

We also offer fiber cement siding.

Trim Options

Choose from a range of trim options including cedar, LP SmartTrim, aluminum cladding and others each with their own specific benefits. Our experts can help you choose the best trim, insulation or other options tailored to your home.

siding and trim options

siding options


LP SmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide is uniquely engineered to resist snow, sleet, ice, heat and termites. Ask us today about LP SmartSide, the smart way to side your home.

Vinyl Siding

Choose from a range of vinyl siding options in hundreds of styles and colors. Looking for energy efficient solutions? Try insulated vinyl siding.

Foam Insulation Options

And if you're wondering how to be energy efficient, ask about our foam and foamed backed siding insulation options to reduce your energy consumption.

Siding Trim Options

Choose from dozens of decorative trim options including cedar, LP SmartTrim, aluminum cladding, Certainteed and other exterior siding options.

Our siding and roofing contractors can help you choose the best siding trim options custom tailored to your home.


Best Home Siding Products

TWG uses the best exterior siding products including LP SmartSide, Certainteed, Uniframe and Crane Performance Siding. We also work directly with the manufacturers to lower your exterior siding cost.

Insurance Claims Help

If you have hail damaged siding or your siding needs storm damage repair, we can help.

TWG has worked with insurance claims for decades. We know how to work with your insurance company and you can rely on us to make the process easy for you.

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